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Rift Valley Institute

Making local knowledge work


In 2021 RVI celebrated the 20-year anniversary of its founding in southern Sudan in 2001. As part of these celebrations, we decided to produce an Anthology of our published work over the last two decades:  20 chapters to mark 20 years.

The Anthology covers a great deal of ground, including pieces on subjects ranging from epidemics in the Africa Red Sea region; armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; elections in Somaliland; prophets in South Sudan; the impact of war on Somali men; mobilization and resistance in Sudan’s uprising; and much more.

There is also a foreword by RVI’s current Executive Director, Mark Bradbury, and its founding director, John Ryle, reflecting on RVI’s philosophy towards research and publishing, and the themes covered by the Anthology. As Mark and John say:

“The writing in this collection reflects the range of themes that RVI has investigated, and the Institute’s focused approach to research. In all places the present is shaped by history, and RVI reports emphasize the importance of the latter in understanding contemporary challenges. Articulating local understanding of events and local community narratives involves moving beyond elite enclaves in capital cities and aid compounds, and away from roads, leaving cars and planes behind, and engaging with the experience of those living in rural areas and urban peripheries”.

Find the Anthology here

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