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Somali Dialogue Platform

The Somali Dialogue Platform (Wadahadalada Somaaliyeed) is a programme, implemented by the Rift Valley Institute, that works to facilitate agreement amongst Somalis on contentious political issues. It is supported by the FCDO, DANIDA, USAID and BUILD.

The need

Somalis recognize that a stable and fair political settlement requires agreements on representation, power sharing and resource sharing. Disagreements on these issues are rooted in years of conflict and resolving them requires a consensus-building approach. The Platform engages on these critical political settlement issues such as elections, the constitutional review, power allocation, fiscal federalism and resource sharing. The initial phases of Platform work have focused on the issue of national-level elections.

What we do

The Platform conducts the following types of activities to achieve our goal:

  • Information-sharing and analysis meetings and workshops to encourage parties in disagreement to engage in dialogue on critical issues.
  • Shuttle diplomacy and dialogue between influential actors to find points of consensus.
  • Policy-oriented research and analysis to inform dialogues.
  • Outreach and engagement with international actors to provide analysis that supports their efforts to facilitate political consensus.

How we work

The Platform provides a neutral space for discussion. We do not promote any specific agenda, instead aiming to help Somalis identify options that will be acceptable to different groups. The Platform also partners with Somali research institutions and other organizations to help achieve its objectives.

Who we work with

The Platform engages with a wide array of Somalis involved and interested in governance, including federal and state government officials, politicians and political parties, civil society, the private sector, and academic and research institutions. Additionally, the Platform engages with those in the international community who are supporting political processes and governance issues in Somalia.

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