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We Have Lived Too Long to Be Deceived

We Have Lived Too Long to Be Deceived

In December 2013, South Sudan descended into conflict. Peace initiatives over the following eighteen months culminated in an agreement between government and armed opposition, signed in August 2015. While the agreement came into effect in late 2015, many uncertainties surround its implementation. Do previous conflicts and agreements hold useful lessons? Academics, activists and church representatives discussed this topic with an audience of students and members of the public in a series of public lectures at Juba University in 2014. Three evenings of lectures discussed the 1972 Addis Ababa Agreement, the Wunlit Conference of 1999, and the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). The event was the fourth in an annual series, a collaboration between the Center for Peace and Development Studies and the Rift Valley Institute, supported by the Danish Institute for International Studies, with the partnership of the South Sudan Law Society.

See the report on the 2013 Juba University Lecture Series, My Mother Will Not Come to Juba.

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