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  This blog is part of a series that showcases the rich diversity of information held in the South Sudan National Archives (SSNA). RVI works in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Museums and National Heritage on the preservation…
  After a long battle with cancer, our friend and colleague Santino passed away on 28 October 2020 in Khartoum in the care of his family. Santino was deeply dedicated to learning and teaching. Born in Wedweil village north…
  Dr Adan Yusuf Abokor (‘Dr Adan’ to his colleagues and friends) who died last week in Turkey, was a remarkable man. Born in Hargeisa, Somaliland, in 1946, he grew up in Aden, Yemen, where he attended a Catholic mission…
  The Rift Valley Institute is seeking a highly experienced and dynamic educator to design and manage a professional development programme for early career researchers in eastern and central Africa. The position will be based in one of the countries…
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    Women navigating a culture of exclusion in peace and conflict resolution processes This report examines the roles of women in peace and conflict resolution processes in South Sudan. It highlights how women navigate systemic exclusion and use cultural practices like

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    Unraveling the transition from subsistence fishing to commercialization and the realities of women’s participation in fishing markets This report examines the impact of local fishing practices on women’s livelihoods in Lake State, South Sudan. It highlights the transition from traditional

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