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Applications open for RVI’s Annual Field Courses 2018

In May and June, the Rift Valley Institute will hold the 2018 annual field courses in Sagana, Kenya. Now in their fifteenth year, each course examines a different sub-region within eastern and central Africa: Sudan and South Sudan, the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa. They offer a dawn-to-dusk programme of lectures, seminars, panel discussions and debates. Bringing together new research, fresh analysis, established and emerging experts, the courses consider current political and development challenges in their historical, social and economic context. The courses are designed for diplomats, development practitioners, researchers and the private sector—both those living and working in the region or those about to start. The fee for each course is USD4,250, payable in advance. If you would like to participate in an RVI field course, you can apply online now. Applications are considered in order of receipt. For more information please see this page.


Sudan and South Sudan Course
20-25 May 2018

The RVI Sudan and South Sudan course covers all areas of Sudan, South Sudan, and the borderlands between them. It analyses the causes of current conflicts in the Sudans and the prospects for resolution. The 2018 Course will be directed by Magdi el-Gizouli and Nicki Kindersley.

Horn of Africa Course
27 May – 1 June 2018

The Horn of Africa Course examines the Somali-speaking lands, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and northern Kenya. It explores the historical and contemporary features that make the Horn the world’s most crisis-ridden region. The 2018 Course will be directed by Terrence Lyons and Peter Chonka.

Great Lakes Course
3–8 June 2018

The Course examines current developments in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and the DRC, the roots of conflict in the region and the challenges to institutional reform. The course is in English and French, with simultaneous translation. The 2018 Course will be directed by Yolande Bouka and Judith Verweijen.

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