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2024 Annual Courses

Applications are open for our annual  field courses. This year our three courses on the Great Lakes, the Horn of Africa, and Sudan and South Sudan will be held at a tranquil location in Kilifi in KenyaOur three-day residential courses offer critical analysis on the current political, social and economic dynamics of these regions, taught by leading academics, researchers and development practitioners. The cost of each course is US$ 3,500, covering tuition, full board and accommodation, local transport and course literature.

The Great Lakes19th – 21st June 2024

Taught by a group of experienced scholars, the course will offer a regional perspective on Africa’s Great Lakes, rooted in the transnational histories of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. You will learn about the politics of memory, displacement and violent conflict; governance, power and gender; and development, natural resources and climate change.

Registration LinkGreat Lakes Course 2024

The Horn of Africa26th – 28th June 2024

Directed by Ken Menkhausthe course covers Ethiopia, Eritrea, DjiboutiSomalia and northern Kenya and their historical and contemporary relations. You will learn about historical processes of state-building and collapse, identity politics, mobility, contested borders, international interventions and contemporary geopolitics, to understand why the Horn of Africa has for decades been one of the most crisis-ridden regions in the world.

Registration Link: Horn of Africa Course 2024

Sudan and South Sudan3rd, 4th & 5th July 2024

Directed by Nicki Kindersley and Raga Makawi, the course this year takes on the delicate but important task of examining the social and political histories of these countries in a time of intense conflict in Sudan. The course will examine the political economy of these states and their borderlands, the recent trajectories of conflict and regime change, extractive economies across the Nile valley, the failures of political settlements, and the challenges to people’s livelihoods across the Sudans.

Registration Link: Sudan and South Sudan Course 2024

The RVI annual residential field courses are designed for you to engage directly with experts and fellow participants, and to build a valuable professional network. Whether you are new to Eastern and Central Africa or a seasoned policy-maker, diplomat, aid worker, researcher, activist, journalist, or investor, our courses will deepen your understanding of the ever-changing landscapes of these regions.

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