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Somaliland Peace and Development Journal: Volume 4

Somaliland Peace and Development Journal: Volume 4

The Somaliland Peace and Development Journal (SPDJ) is an annual peer-reviewed academic journal from the Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Hargeysa. The Journal began during a collaboration between RVI, the University of Hargeysa and Puntland State University on Supporting the delivery of high-quality research in the Somali regions.

The articles in this volume discuss fundamental issues that have an impact directly on global citizens. While the articles carry diverse issues that affect both citizens and states, addressing the challenges presented in the body of the articles are also important. This volume seeks to provide such answers and positions indigenous knowledge that vary from one context to another. Therefore, the articles in this volume serve towards the holistic and prime objectives of the Journal as a platform for debate and discussion, and to analyze and better understand the fundamental causes of social, economic, political, and environmental challenges, not only in Somaliland but studying other parts of the world are crucial. The articles seek to continue to be an important reference for policymakers, academics, and university students in this endeavor.


Effects of Berbera Corridor on Trade and Security in the Horn of Africa: the Case of Somaliland and Ethiopia
Ayan Rashid Ibrahim

Language Policy and Students’ Protests: The Case of Southern Sudan, 1960–2005
Yosa Wawa & Daniel Thabo Nyibong

Federalism and Ethnic Conflict in Ethiopia and Nigeria: A Comparative Analysis
Jemal Muhamed Adem

Traditional Ecological Knowledge and its Relevance to Sustainable Development
Naureen Rahim

Winning the US Presidential Nominations: The 2016 Presidential Primaries and Its Implication on Democracy
Calvince O. Barack

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