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Somalia Urbanization Review: Fostering Cities as Anchors of Development

Somalia Urbanization Review: Fostering Cities as Anchors of Development

The World Bank’s Somalia Urbanization Review aims to improve our understanding of the complex issues pertaining to urbanization in Somalia and identifies priority interventions that can help better manage it. There is wide consensus within the government as well as among development partners on the critical importance of urbanization for Somalia’s development. Yet there has been little comprehensive analysis that serves as a basis for a coherent urban development strategy. Previous studies have often focused on specific topics or geographic areas. Studies have also been either technical or political, but each on its own falls short of providing a full picture of the issues at hand.

The Urbanization Review draws on both technical and political economy analyses to provide a better understanding of a broader range of urban issues in Somalia, and craft recommendations that are better tailored to the local contexts. The report aims to facilitate a more informed dialogue between the government, private sector, civil society, development partners, and other stakeholders on a more comprehensive urban development strategy in Somalia.

The report was published by the World Bank based, in part, on political economy research conducted by the Rift Valley Institute. The research team included Abdi N. Mohamed, Abdirahman E. Ali, Jamal Mohamed, Mahad Wasuge, Mohamed H. Ibrahim, Sahra A. Koshin, Yassmin Mohamed and Tobias Hagmann.


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