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‘We’re Graduates Now…’ An Oral History Exhibition of University Graduates’ Educational Journeys


The Rift Valley Institute, Catholic University of South Sudan, and Likikiri Collective are pleased to release the fruits of their latest collaboration.

‘”We’re Graduates Now…” An Oral History Exhibition of University Graduates’ Educational Journeys’ is borne out of an oral history course hosted by the three institutions for faculty and graduates of universities in South Sudan and provides an intimate look into the world of education from the vantage point of the recent graduates themselves. Organized around six themes, ‘We’re Graduates Now…’ tells of the ways that the war in the 1980s and 1990s intruded upon the classroom; the debates among families about the value of formal education; the songs and uniforms that attracted children to join their peers in school; the struggles to raise school fees; and the newfound friends and self-discovery far from home.

We are proud that the exhibition will be shared for the first time virtually at the the South Sudan Studies Association (SSSA) launch event on 23 February 2021, as this oral history project reflects the importance of providing support and platforms for local knowledge production. A physical exhibit in Juba is planned for when conditions allow.

For now, please read the interviewees’ narrations and the interviewers’ reflections, and be transported into their experiences of the world of formal education in South Sudan.


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