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Rift Valley Institute

Making local knowledge work

South Sudan’s Kings and Chiefs in the courts of Ghana

17 March, 2013 (LONDON) – A delegation of South Sudan’s Traditional Leaders (TLs) has completed a tour of African countries in which a successful synthesis of governance at the local and centralised levels has been achieved.

Between July and October 2010, draft law consultations were conducted throughout South Sudan with civil society and governmental authorities, to be ratified by all state authorities. After the election, furnishing with basic infrastructure, and training of all state COTALs has taken place an eleventh COTAL will be established at the national level.

Also  in 2010 the US Institute of Peace and Rift Valley Institute (RVI) published a study into the South Sudan’s traditional justice system which highlighted their continued significance and importance in the development of the nation. The report’s advocacy of a pragmatic use of these functioning institutional frameworks, in the light of a under-developed South Sudanese bureaucracy, was taken a step further in the study tour….

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