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High Stakes for Sudan in the South’s Conflict

South Sudanese refugees have fled fighting to Uganda. Regional leaders worry that the crisis in South Sudan will increase the flow of refugees. Rebecca Vassie/Associated PressKHARTOUM, Sudan — The United States has demanded negotiations. Uganda has threatened to intervene. China has called for an immediate cease-fire. The conflict in South Sudan has attracted attention from around the world, but nowhere are leaders watching the crisis with more interest — and more at stake — than here in the country’s longstanding rival, Sudan…
Sudan has a great deal at stake if the fighting in South Sudan continues to take a toll on oil production, and with it transit and refining fees. There has been a lot of domestic fallout in Sudan from the billions of dollars in oil revenues lost after the South’s independence…

“President Bashir’s trip [to South Sudan] shows how concerned both Khartoum and Juba are about the oil,” said John Ryle, director of the Rift Valley Institute and a professor of anthropology at Bard College. “Control of the border and restoring the flow of oil are likely to be Khartoum’s two priorities.”

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