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Rift Valley Institute

Making local knowledge work


On 18 February 2013, RVI Fellow Douglas Johnson gave a lecture on the role of archives in nation building, based on his 40-year experience of working with Southern government archives and his recent work with RVI on rescuing, rehabilitating,…
The Sudd Institute, founded by RVI Fellow Jok Madut Jok, is a newly established research organisation that aims “to improve the quality, impact, and accountability of local, national, and international policy and decision-making in South Sudan.” The Institute’s first…
Janis Fitch, the Institute’s bookkeeper from 2005 until this year, died in London in November after a short illness. She was 74. A staunch atheist, Janis loved cats, bright clothes, jewellery and photography. Keith Blaxill, the RVI’s accountant, writes:…
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