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Rift Valley Institute

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Introduction On 5 July 2019, the Rift Valley Forum launched the book, Widow Inheritance and Contested Citizenship in Kenya, by Dr. Awino Okech. The book explores the intersection between power, gender and sexuality, and the role of body politics in the construction…
  This blog is the second part of a research project called ‘Navigating migration and the experiences of Congolese refugees in Nairobi’. The project’s aim is to better understand the drivers and dynamics of Congolese migration to Nairobi, and…
Engaging Monyomiji: Bridging the Governance Gap in East Bank Equatoria by Simon Simonse and Eisei Kurimoto explores local governance in South Sudan’s south-easternmost state. The Monyomiji are an age-set with responsibility to protect the ethnic communities they belong to;…
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