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Rift Valley Institute

Making local knowledge work


In May and June, the Rift Valley Institute will hold the 2018 annual field courses in Sagana, Kenya. Now in their fifteenth year, each course examines a different sub-region within eastern and central Africa: Sudan and South Sudan, the Great…
Ce billet a été écrit par Yolande Bouka et Judith Verweijen, les Co-directrices d’études du Stage d’études sur la région des Grands Lacs 2018 qui aura lieu au Kenya du 3 au 8 juin. Yolande et Judith seront rejoints par une équipe d’experts…
This blog post was written by Yolande Bouka and Judith Verweijen, the Co-Directors of Studies for the Rift Valley Institute’s Great Lakes Field Course, which will be taking place in Sagana, Kenya from 3-8 June 2018. Yolande and Judith will be joined…
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