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Rift Valley Institute

Making local knowledge work

A War on Men?

waronmenOn 29 and 30 April the Nairobi Forum hosted a workshop to discuss the impact of war, prolonged conflict, displacement and exile on Somali men and youth. The workshop, convened by Judith Gardner (co-author of The Untold Story: The War Through the Eyes of Somali Women) and Rakiya Omaar (African Rights), initiated the first stage of a long term study on the enduring consequences of conflict on men in the Somali regions. Participants Hala Elkarib (Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa), Chris Dolan (Refugee Law Project) Judy el Bushra, Osman Moallim (SOYDEN), Ahmed Farah Mohamed (Norwegian Peoples’ Aid) Faiza Loyaan (Creative Alternatives Now), Asia Abdulkadir, and Cedric Barnes (ICG) shared their knowledge of working with men and women affected by conflict in the Horn and East Africa.

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