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Redsea Cultural Foundation, Rift Valley Institute and the European Union launch Hargeysa’s first “Centre for Somali Culture”

Today, the Redsea Cultural Foundation supported by the Rift Valley Institute, with the assistance of the European Union, launched the "Hargeysa Cultural Centre". This new Centre, the first of its kind, will contribute to the protection of the Somali cultural heritage and the revival of Somali culture. It will create new spaces for cultural exchanges and inter‐generational dialogue, and promote culture as a pillar of reconciliation, recovery and development.

The "Hargeysa Cultural Centre" will organise an annual programme of cultural events, including art exhibitions, drama, film screenings, poetry readings, public lectures, and book launches. It will create a public library, develop the Hargeysa International Book Fair and will organize writing, dance, photography, music and other classes for young people interested in arts and culture.

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