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Jama Musse Jama of the Redsea Cultural Foundation wins prize in Italy

jamaprizeJama Musse Jama, the director of the Redsea Cultural Foundation is one of the winners of this year’s Cultura della Solidarietà prize, awarded in a ceremony on 27 September 2014 in Pistoia, Italy. The organising committee commended Jama for his ‘exemplary work promoting cultural knowledge and inquiry in Somaliland.’ 

Jama is also director of the recently established Hargeysa Cultural Centre in Somaliland. The Centre is a partnership between the Redsea Foundation and the Rift Valley Institute, supported by the European Union. 

The prize was established by Renzo Cosci. ‘Aside from recognising the work of individuals who dedicate their lives to support those in need,’ said Dr Cosci, ‘the prize raises awareness of a culture of giving, the bedrock of civil society’. 

Other recipients of the prize include the medical researcher Alessandro Aiuti, the film director Marco Pontecorvo, the journalist Fabio Zavattaro, the ballerina Simona Atzori and the actor Alessandro Gassmann. 

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