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Usalama Kinshasa Conference

In collaboration with the Réseau pour la réforme du secteur de sécurité et de justice (RRSSJ) and the Centre pour la gouvernance (CEGO), RVI held a national workshop in Kinshasa from 4 to 6 November 2013, to conclude the first phase of the Usalama Project. The conference was held in the context of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework signed in Addis Ababa in February 2013. Over the three days, the conference presented the Usalama Project’s various research reports on armed groups and their policy considerations and discussed the challenges to demobilisation and security sector reform. The event was supported by Open Square Project, Humanity United and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA).

The event was covered by three Congolese newspapers: Le Potentiel (6 November)Le Phare (5 November)Le Phare (6 November), L’Avenir (6 November) and L’Avenir (12 November). The Congolese blogger Alex Engwete also wrote a blog entry on the conference. Both the conference and the workshops were covered by multiple Congolese TV outlets, amongst them CongoWeb TV and RTCE. An excerpt on the conference from CongoWeb TV is viewable below. Additional clips are available on RVI's YouTube channel.

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