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RVI Usalama Project report on Raia Mutomboki

On 5 April 2013, RVI published the sixth in its series of Usalama Project reports on armed groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Raia Mutomboki: The Flawed Peace Process in the DRC and the Birth of an Armed Franchise describes the origins, rapid evolution, expansion and activities of this diverse force. The group began as a local response to rampant insecurity but profited from flaws in the various peace deals in the eastern DRC, which helped it evolve from a parochial militia into a violent franchise deployed across large parts of North and South Kivu. The report was written by Usalama Project Director Jason Stearns and a co-author who wishes to remain anonymous. French editions of the reports will be available on the RVI website in May and print-on-demand editions will be available from Amazon later in April.

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