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The fourteenth Tarikh Tana (Our History) radio show will focus on "Border Management and Epidemics". This show is brought to you under the South Sudan National Archives Project, supported by Norway and implemented by UNESCO in partnership with RVI, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Museum and National Heritage (MCMNH).

This blog explores a number of social, economic and health issues in Puntland in light of the pandemic in order to better understand not only Puntland’s response and localised economic impact, but also the context within which this political spat took place.

This brief focuses on the emerging economic impact of COVID-19 in Somaliland, reflecting on its local specificities as well as the still unpredictable repercussions of disruptions and alternatives to existing global supply chains.

What does a response to COVID-19 look like in the absence of functioning public health and welfare systems? Some early insights can be gleaned from Somalia, a country that since the early 1990s has suffered persistent state collapse, identity and religious conflict, and a series of humanitarian crises. Has the virus changed life in Somalia ‘as…

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads into the Horn of Africa, and as diaspora communities become affected by lockdowns, layoffs and illness, the remittance lifeline that sustains more than 40% of Somalis is being attenuated. This blog outlines a number of issues related to remittances and Somalia in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

RVI spoke with the authors of the recent RVI-VNGi report, Governing Local Security in the Eastern Congo: Decentralization, police reform and interventions in the chieftancy of Buhavu, Michel Thill and Abel Cimanuka. Based on 30+ interviews, the report explores the implementation of local proximity security councils in the chieftaincy of Buhavu…

RVI s'est entretenu avec les auteurs du rapport récent de RVI et VNGi, La Gouvernance de la Sécurité Locale à l’est du Congo : Décentralisation, réforme de la police et interventions dans la chefferie de Buhavu, Michel Thill et Abel Cimanuka. Basé sur 30+ entrevues, le rapport explore la mise en œuvre des conseils locaux pour la sécurité de…

The world is struggling to respond to the coronavirus as COVID-19 transmission proceeds to escalate. Only few cases have been recorded in the Somali region so far but, due to absent and inadequate health services, there is fear that the pandemic may hit extremely hard.

The fifth Tarikh Tana (Our History) radio show in this second series will focus on "Women and Customary Law in South Sudan".

The fourth Tarikh Tana (Our History) radio show in this second series will focus on "An Evolution of Crime and Punishment in South Sudan”.