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Podcast: The political economy of checkpoints in Somalia

In this podcast, hosted by Hannah Stogdon of the Rift Valley Institute (RVI), we delve into the intricate web of roadblocks, checkpoints, and their pivotal role in the political economy of cross-border trade and conflict in Somalia. Our guests, Peer Schouten, Abdirahman Edle, and Jamal Mohamed, share fresh evidence and invaluable insights from their research on key trade routes in South Central Somalia.

These roadblocks, often overlooked in the broader narrative, are fundamental nodes in the complex network of actors shaping trade networks and political projects in the Somali territories. While we have substantive evidence of their significance for groups like Al-Shabaab, we will explore the lesser-known checkpoints operated by various actors and their impact on the region.

This podcast is produced by the Rift Valley Institute (RVI) as part of the FCDO’s Cross-Border Conflict Evidence, Policy, and Trends (XCEPT) Program, a consortium initiative funded by UK Aid. XCEPT brings together leading experts to examine how conflicts connect across borders and the factors that influence both violent and peaceful behavior in conflict-affected borderlands.

Our guests, each with a unique perspective on the topic, promise a compelling discussion that sheds light on the dynamics of roadblocks and checkpoints in Somalia’s ever-evolving political landscape. 

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