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Land in Somalia, an RVI-World Bank urbanisation roundtable podcast

Land Governance in Somalia's Urbanisation review

The ‘Land in Somalia’ RVI podcast discusses land governance in Somalia in the context of rapid urbanisation. It looks at cities where both opportunities and challenges for Somalia’s development and prosperity are most acutely felt. The experts debate how to manage and reduce the risks Somali cities face so that they can increase their potential to provide livelihoods and deliver services in a way that is more inclusive and accessible for all.

In the second episode, Horn of Africa Programme Manager at the Rift Valley Institute- Hannah Stogdon hosts World Bank Land Administration specialist Paul Prettitore and co-lead of the Land and Conflict Working Group and is conducting research on the relationships between land, conflict and inclusion. Prior to joining the Bank, Paul was a Human Rights Advisor and Property Law Coordinator at the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The podcast discusses the 2021 World Bank Review on Urbanisation in Somalia with the aim of facilitating a more informed dialogue between the government, private sector, civil society, development partners and other stakeholders on the role of land governance in a more comprehensive urban development strategy in Somalia.

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