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Governance in Somalia, an RVI-WB urbanisation roundtable podcast

Somali Urbanisation Roundtable

This RVI podcast discusses Governance in Somalia in the context of rapid urbanisation. It looks at cities where both opportunities and challenges for Somalia’s development and prosperity are most acutely felt. The experts debate how to manage and reduce the risks Somali cities face so that they can increase their potential to provide livelihoods and deliver services in a way that is more inclusive and accessible for all.

In this first- Somali Urbanisation Roundtable podcast- episode of two, Horn of Africa Programme Manager at the Rift Valley Institute- Hannah Stogdon talks to Horn of Africa expert Tobias Hagmann who is the Director of Public Culture Lab Ltd in Switzerland and an associate professor in development studies at Roskilde University in Denmarks. He was the Lead Researcher for the RVI study on Urbanisation in 7 Somali cities that contributed to the World Bank’s Urbanisation Review.

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