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Three Decades in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has gone through profound and sweeping changes in three decades—from the fall of the Derg and the establishment of the Federal Democratic Republic, through war and famine, to the spectacular development and economic growth of the last ten years. Few countries have experience such dramatic changes in so short a time. 

Terrence Lyons and Angela Raven-Roberts have been working in and on Ethiopia throughout this time. Angela Raven-Roberts, Research Associate at Oxford University, has over thirty years’ experience in the humanitarian and development sectors in Ethiopia. Terrence Lyons, Associate Professor at George Mason University, has studied Ethiopian politics since 1988. He is currently completing a manuscript The Puzzle of Ethiopia: From rebel victory to authoritarian politics, 1991-2015. On 3 December, the Rift Valley Forum hosted Terrence and Angela to hear their insights and reflections on Ethiopia’s development and political history over the last three decades. The Rift Valley Institute’s Philip Winter moderated the discussion.


Philip Winter
Rift Valley Institute


Terrence Lyons
George Mason University 

Angela Raven-Roberts
Oxford University

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