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Stabilization, Extraversion and Political Settlements in Somalia

On Tuesday 10 May 2016, the Rift Valley Forum together with the Political Settlements Research Programme (PRSP), hosted the launch of a report by Tobias Hagmann on Stabilization in Somalia.


This report highlights the role of external aid in dysfunctional state building efforts in Somalia. Rather than assuming that foreign actors are outside the local, national and political settlements, such actors should rather be seen as an integral part of these processes. Consequently, the power and interests of both Somali and international actors must be taken into consideration in order to understand the shortcomings of stabilization policies.

The author of the report presented its findings followed by a discussion on the current efforts of state building in Somalia, lessons learnt from past efforts and what needs to be done locally and internationally to ensure a successful process of state building in Somalia.


Ibrahim Farah
The Somali Academy


Tobias Hagmann

Hodan Hassan

Abdi Ali

David Womble
Independent – Somalia

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