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Plundered Sea

People wait for fishermen to arrive with the catch of the day at the Bosaso harbor in Puntland, Somalia (Adeso/Karel Prinsloo)

It is difficult to know how much Somalia loses to illegal fishing by foreign vessels, but estimates range from USD 100 million to over USD 450 million per annum. Illegal fishing costs Somalis jobs in fishing and post-harvest fish processing, and it costs the Somali state revenue that could be secured from landing fees, licenses, taxes and other fees paid by legal fishing companies. Unregulated illegal fishing also causes overfishing, harming the marine environment and destroying local fishing communities.

Join the Rift Valley Forum and Adeso for a panel discussion of the effects of illegal and unregulated fishing in Somalia, and ways in which it can be addressed. This meeting will launch Adeso’s report Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing in the Territorial Waters of Somalia. There will also be a screening of Adeso’s short film Illegal and Unregulated Fishing of the Coast of Somalia.

Refreshments will be served after the discussion. Entrance is by prior registration only.



Rashid Abdi
International Crisis Group


Abdi Mohamed Dahir

Kifle Hagos
The University of Rhode Island 

Bashir M Hussein

Pauline Gibourdel
Delegation of the European Union to Somalia

Andy Read

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