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Launch of The Economics of Elections in Somaliland

On 9 February 2016, the Rift Valley Institute’s Rift Valley Forum will host a panel discussion launching the report of the study The Economics of Elections in Somaliland: The financing of political parties and candidates. After the November 2012 elections in Somaliland, candidates, political parties and political associations reported that spending on individual campaigns had sharply increased relative to spending in previous polls. Voters, politicians and parties expressed concern that the high cost of campaigning threatens the integrity of a fledgling electoral system. In response to these concerns, researchers working with the Rift Valley Institute conducted a study to examine sources of income and expenditures by candidates and political parties in Somaliland’s 2005 parliamentary and 2012 local council elections. The study’s findings have important implications for campaign finance regulation in Somaliland.

Entrance is by prior registration only.



Cedric Barnes
International Crisis Group


Adan Abokor
Rift Valley Institute

Aly Verjee
Rift Valley Institute 

Haroon Yusuf

Amina Warsame
Network Against FGM In Somaliland

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