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Horn of Africa Course 2013

The sixth Horn of Africa course took place in Jinja, Uganda, from 8 to 14 June 2013. The course covered Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Somaliland, Puntland and Northern Kenya. It offered a multi-disciplinary examination of the crises afflicting the Horn and explored the impact of changes in political leaders at the national and sub-national level across the region. 

The Director of Studies of the Horn Course was Ken Menkhaus, Associate Professor of Politics at Davidson College. He was joined by a teaching staff consisting of the following: Mark Bradbury, RVI Horn of Africa and East Africa Regional Director; Dereje Feyissa of the Institute of Federal Studies at Addis Ababa University; Fouzia Musse, gender consultant; Laura Hammond of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London; Christopher Clapham, Emeritus Professor of Politics and International Relations at the Unversity of Cambridge; Berouk Mesfin, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Security Studies in Addis Ababa; Cedric Barnes, Horn of Africa Project Director at the International Crisis Group; Lee Cassanelli, of the University of Pennsylvania; Kjetil Tronvoll, Professor of Human Rights at the University of Oslo; Richard Reid of the School of Oriental and African Studies; RVI Fellow Sally Healy; and Shiferaw Bekele of the University of Addis Ababa.

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