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Food and Power in Somalia: Business as Usual?


Food and power in Somalia have been intimately linked for decades. From land grabs to the looting and diversion of aid to the geopolitics of the war on terror, food has played an important role in Somalia’s political economy. Although this has been examined in depth in the context of events in the 1990s, more is to be learned about the dynamics of food and power in the 2000s.

On 25 February 2020, the Rift Valley Forum, in partnership with the Conflict Research Programme (CRP-Somalia), launched the new report, Food and Power in Somalia: Business as Usual?  The panel discussed how the political economy of food has changed in the past 10–15 years along with shifts in governance and aid.


Nasra Ismail Somalia
NGO Consortium


Guhad Adan

Nisar Majid
Conflict Research Programme-Somalia

Susanne Jaspars
Conflict Research Programme-Somalia

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