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Development and its Discontents: Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa

Over the past decade, African countries have experienced significant economic growth rates. Despite this, most face a myriad of developmental challenges, and public dissatisfaction with how governments are addressing corruption and delivering public services. There is a common perception that government is run for the benefit of the few, rather than all its citizens.

On Thursday 17 November 2016, the Rift Valley Forum launched a new report by the Pew Research Centre that investigates public attitudes to social and economic development in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. Based on the annual Global Attitudes survey by the Centre, the study surveys opinions about the economy, government, corruption, perceived barriers to getting good jobs, access to clean water, health care and education, and civic participation.

Katie Simmons, the Associate Director of Research at the Pew Research Centre, presented the findings of this report.


Kate Simmons
Pew Research Centre

Irungu Houghton
Associate Director, Society for International Development 

James Gondi
Kenyans for Peace with Truth & Justice (KPTJ) Coalition


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