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Chuma Nwokolo in Conversation

‘A Midnight call by an assassin to his prospective victim quickly becomes a game of wits in a telephone thriller impossible to second-guess. On his deathbed, the founding overseer confesses to his wife that his visions were false and their ministry a 30-year hoax. She’s devastated but fate isn’t halfway through with her.’
Chuma Nwokolo, How to spell Naija in 100 short stories, Vol 2

On 10 August 2016, the Rift Valley Forum in collaboration with the KBC English Service hosted Chuma Nwokolo at the launch of his book How to spell Naija Vol.2.

Chuma Nwokolo, is the author of ten books and one of Nigeria’s most prolific writers. His latest completes the collection How to spell Naija in 100 short stories. Set in the present and future, in the diaspora, in urban and small-town Nigeria, and in the author’s fictional Waterside community, the stories tackle serious issues of corruption and citizen responsibility with wit and charm, and a caste of characters that include kidnappers, houseboys, bishops and suicide bombers.

Chuma was in conversation with Khainga O’Okwemba, poet, journalist and presenter of The Books Cafe programme on KBC English Service and Tony Mochama, author, poet and journalist.

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