Research Reports

‎الانتخابات في السودان - التعلم من التجربة
يتقصى هذا التقرير التاريخ غير القصير للانتخابات في السودان ويتساءل لماذا لم تستطيع انتخابات التعددية الحزبية، رغم نجاحها الواضح عام 1953،  ان تجلب ذلك النوع من الحكومة المستقرة... MORE >
Elections in Sudan
This report examines Sudan's history of elections, and asks why they have failed to produce the kind of stable yet dynamic government in Sudan that the secret ballot is intended to... MORE >
Electoral Designs
A guide to Sudan's electoral system – one of the most complex in the world – and its effects on the distribution of power. The report analyses government documents to reveal errors and... MORE >
Decisions and Deadlines
A policy paper on Sudan's political future analysing the critical events facing the country in the run up to the April 2010 elections and the 2011 referendum on self-determination for... MORE >
Sudan: Where is the Comprehensive Peace Agreement Heading?
This report assesses obstacles and risks to the implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement and outlines steps to be taken to avoid a return to conflict. The product of a... MORE >
Lost Opportunities in the Horn of Africa
A comparative study of three regional peace agreements: the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan, Somalia's Mbgathi peace process, from 2002 - 2004, and the 2000 Ethiopia-Eritrea... MORE >
Local Peace Processes in Sudan
An analytical account of the growth of "people-to-people" peace meetings in Sudan and its borderlands, with a comprehensive bibliography and time-chart of peace meetings over two decades in... MORE >