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Congo Rebels Strengthen Hand as Summit Fails to End Conflict
The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda failed to resolve a border-region dispute at a meeting yesterday, strengthening the position held by rebels whose insurgency has displaced... MORE >
Can military action fix DR Congo's conflict?
The M23 rebel army, which seized control of areas along the border with Rwanda, is now establishing its own administration, complete with ministers, committees and local councils. MORE >
Horror ohne Grenze - Kann westlicher Druck dem Kongo Frieden bringen?
The horror for the people of eastern Congo knows no limit. Children are recruited as soldiers; shooting, rape and grenade explosions are routine. "We treat a number of civilians who... MORE >
Abbo: who is the ’revolutionary’?
Instead of Sadiq al-Mahdi, the imam of the Ansar, it was Abd al-Mahmoud Abbo, the Secretary General of the Ansar Welfare Association, who led the prayer last Friday in Sayed Abd al-Rahman... MORE >
A History of Violence
On July 9, 2011, at the stroke of midnight, the newly created state of South Sudan broke out into exultant celebration. The inauguration of the first President, Salva Kiir, was scheduled... MORE >
Book Review: The Sudan Handbook
This is a book that is what it says on the label – it is a handbook. But that makes it sound like the dull product of a propaganda ministry and it is far from that. Indeed it is a... MORE >
South Sudan: can Africa's problem child grow into a valuable partner?
South Sudan's first year of life has been marred by political uncertainty, lawlessness and an oil dispute. Its east African neighbours are watching for opportunities but wary of... MORE >
Sudan: Bashir - Sharia Shopping
Obviously challenged by the stubborn show of anger against their long rule in the heartland of the country the high priests of the National Congress Party (NCP) shifted gears from unashamed... MORE >
Conflict-hit Sudanese may go hungry despite aid deal
Hunger is likely to persist among people caught up in conflict in Sudan’s border states, despite a government promise to allow food relief into areas that aid groups warn are on the verge... MORE >
Unfriendly neighbours in the Kivus
A recent report from the UN Group of Experts accuses high-level Rwandan defence officials of backing a Congolese military coup earlier this year, which displaced 200,000 people. Known as... MORE >
RVI in Local and Global Media 2011
RVI in Local and Global Media 2011 is a cumulative record of references to the Rift Valley Institute in local and international news media and academic literature in 2011. Included in the... MORE >
Intellectuals Advise On Chiefs Involvement In Nation Building
South Sudanese Intellectuals have called on the government to involve chiefs in decision making process since they play a key role in enhancing policy formulation and implementation. This... MORE >