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Briefing: DRC's M23 rebellion under pressure
Heavy fighting broke out on 15 November in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo between M23 rebels and government forces (FARDC), breaking a virtual truce that had lasted on the... MORE >
The M23 crisis and the history of violence in eastern Congo
The current debate over Rwanda’s support for M23––the latest rebellion in North Kivu––has refocused international attention on this crisis-ridden eastern part of the Democratic Republic of... MORE >
'It's Basically Over': The Sudanese Dictatorship's Dwindling Options
On September 27, one of the most repressive governments on earth was thrown a lifeline. After an eight-month standoff that ravaged the two countries' economies and brought them to the... MORE >
Aid for displaced Somalis stolen
‘Gatekeepers’ are siphoning off food aid intended for internally displaced people living in squalid camps in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, Refugees International said in a report on... MORE >
The Yarmouk Complex - Sudan in the World
Sudan's Military Industry Corporation (MIC), established according to its website in 1993, has as its motto the phrase 'for peace we gather all our effort'. The phrase mocks... MORE >
Sudan minister says 600 killed in Sudan warzone
More than 600 people have been killed since rebels began an uprising in two Sudanese states last year, the interior minister said on Tuesday, but an analyst called the figure meaningless.... MORE >
Congo: Le retour de la terreur
Les préparatifs battent leur plein du côté du Palais du peuple et du stade des martyrs de Kinshasa. Dans quelques jours, du 13 au 14 octobre, la République démocratique du Congo (RDC)... MORE >
EVENT | Nairobi Forum: A Somali Spring?
The election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as President of Somalia on 10 September was a major event in the region, bringing to an end a deeply flawed, eight-year political transition. The... MORE >
South Sudanese labour: refill the ‘kambo’
Sudan’s major grain producers, the landowners of Gedaref, complained bitterly to the press this week of an acute shortage of labour and warned of yet another failed agricultural season. The... MORE >
Sudan: Reviewing The Addis Ababa Peace Agreements 2012
The maxim that the test of any agreement is in its implementation is familiar to those who follow Sudanese politics, even from a distance. This article reviews the latest agreements... MORE >
Kiir and Bashir: brothers in oil
Sudan and South Sudan signed on Thursday a battery of eight agreements covering oil and other economic concerns, border security, monitoring and demarcation, the status of nationals in the... MORE >
Winds of change in the Horn of Africa
On 20 August the Ethiopian authorities announced the sudden death of the Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, who had been at the helm of Ethiopian politics for twenty-one years. At the age of 57... MORE >