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This year in the Great Lakes
Il est indispensable d’adopter une perspective régionale pour comprendre la dynamique politique, sociale et sécuritaire qui caractérise le Rwanda, la République démocratique du Congo (RDC... MORE >
This year in Sudan and South Sudan
​Civil war seems settled as a permanent feature of politics in both Sudan and South Sudan. State and parastatal armed actors, insurgents and armed groups of various sorts are a regularized... MORE >
This year in the Horn of Africa
The past year has seen a significant shift in the geopolitics of the Horn of Africa, as countries in the Horn have been drawn into the rivalries dividing the Gulf states and fueling the... MORE >
This year in the Great Lakes
A regional perspective is indispensable for understanding political, social and security dynamics in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Uganda and Burundi. While each... MORE >
Carrada Ayaan Dhunkannay Audiobook
The Rift Valley Institute and Redsea Cultural Foundation have collaborated to publish We Kissed the Ground as an audiobook. Dr. Jama Musse Jama, Director of the Hargeysa Cultural... MORE >
Letter from Arua
When a South Sudanese chief died in Arua in 2017, the place for his burial became the source of discord—not between the host population and the refugees, but between the South Sudanese that... MORE >
Letter from Bentiu
Over the last hundred years, the most powerful authorities—along with formal government—amongst the western Nuer communities have been individuals known as prophets. In Nuer society, men,... MORE >
L’uniforme du policier : Symbole de fierté, cause de malheur et source de revenu
A travers le monde, l’uniforme revêt une valeur symbolique indéniable. Que ce soit dans les services de sécurité, dans la prison, à l’hôpital, à l’école ou dans des clubs sportifs, l’... MORE >
Africa's youngest country doesn’t have a museum yet in which to display its national archives; it would have to be built with the help of donors.  MORE >
Kuishi kama mbwa ama nguruwe
On ne peut comprendre la vie quotidienne du policier à Bukavu sans aussi considérer son social et les difficultés liées à celui-ci. La réforme de la police avait donné l’espoir aux... MORE >
Annual Field Courses 2018 - Applications Open
In May and June, the Rift Valley Institute will hold the 2018 annual field courses in Sagana, Kenya. Now in their fifteenth year, each course examines a different sub-region within eastern... MORE >
Selon le premier World Internal Security Police Index (WISPI) de l’année 2016 publié cette année, un index qui classe les institutions policières du monde selon quatre critères (... MORE >