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Sudan: Reviewing The Addis Ababa Peace Agreements 2012
The maxim that the test of any agreement is in its implementation is familiar to those who follow Sudanese politics, even from a distance. This article reviews the latest agreements... MORE >
Kiir and Bashir: brothers in oil
Sudan and South Sudan signed on Thursday a battery of eight agreements covering oil and other economic concerns, border security, monitoring and demarcation, the status of nationals in the... MORE >
Winds of change in the Horn of Africa
On 20 August the Ethiopian authorities announced the sudden death of the Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, who had been at the helm of Ethiopian politics for twenty-one years. At the age of 57... MORE >
DRC bishop in powerful US plea
US lawmakers on Wednesday heard a powerful plea to stop a brutal wave of rapes and killings by rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo amid claims six million people have died in years... MORE >
Congo-Kinshasa: Examining the Role of Rwanda in the DRC Insurgency
I have been working on the eastern Congo for the past eleven years. In 2008, I was the coordinator of the United Nations Group of Experts on the Congo, and I have also worked on the country... MORE >
Civilians Flee Somalia City to Avoid Being Human Shields
Thousands of residents are fleeing the last Somalia city controlled by Al Qaeda-affiliated militant group Al Shabab, and there are reports that the militants themselves also are leaving... MORE >
A New President For Somalia
The election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud by Somalia’s Transitional Parliament is an unexpected success for the hugely discredited political process in the country. It could prove to be a... MORE >
A new history for a new nation
This analysis by Rift Valley Institute Fellow and renowned South Sudan historian Douglas Johnson weighs up the implications of South Sudan’s independence on the new nation’s history,... MORE >
Egypt and Ethiopia change course on Nile Basin treaties
Amid continuing political drama in both Egypt and Ethiopia, the management of Africa's longest river might not seem an urgent priority. But every year that passes without meaningful... MORE >
L'invité 04/09/2012: Jason Stearns, Directeur du projet Ousalama
Dans cet entretien, Jason Stearns directeur du projet Ousalama, qui travaille sur les groupes armés dans l'Est de la RDC, analyse les récents développements dans les relations entre la... MORE >
Afryka - kontynent przyszlości. Czarny Ląd coraz bardziej atrakcyjny
Female computer enthusiasts gathered here with their brand-new smartphones for a two-day session on developing new apps. After a marathon programming session, the women had developed... MORE >
Ethiopia braces itself for post-Meles era
Ethiopia has said acting prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn will remain at the helm until elections in 2015. The announcement came as the body of autocratic ruler Meles Zenawi was brought... MORE >