RVI in local and global media

The M23 Congolese rebel group (Guardian), widely thought to be backed by the Rwandan government, has been making significant gains in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in recent weeks.... MORE >
The National (UAE)
The headquarters of Sudan's Communist Party is a shabby place. The peeling leather chairs in its meeting room are watched over by dusty photos of its most famous leaders since 1946,... MORE >
Thomas-Daquin Muiti, président de la Société Civile du Nord-Kivu en direct de RDC, Aloys Tegera, directeur de recherche au Pôle Institut de Goma, et Jason Stearns, directeur du Projet... MORE >
As our team drives out of our Goma hotel, we are told to wait at the barrier. The police commissioner of Goma has just returned to this city. Twelve bodyguards with ray ban sunglasses,... MORE >
Le Monde
Dans les rues de Goma, des policiers règlent désormais la circulation à grands coups de sifflet. Ce sifflet est leur seule arme visible, mais la «police de roulage» est l'une des... MORE >
Vice Versa: La RDC menacée d'implosion?
What does M23 want? Why does Kinshasa seem militarily impotent? And how can President Kabila save his regime in the face of a hostile public opinion? MORE >
Rwandan Ghosts
Televised comments made by Amb. Susan Rice shortly after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi have dominated the debate over her probable nomination for secretary of state. This is... MORE >
Congo rebels keep hold on towns they pledged to leave
Rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo kept a firm grip on Wednesday over towns captured from government forces, despite a pledge to respect a deal brokered by Uganda and withdraw.... MORE >
Congo Rebels Prepare Goma Withdrawal as U.S. Presses Rwanda
The Democratic Republic of Congo’s M23 rebel group said it’s preparing to withdraw from Goma, a day after saying any pull-out would be conditional on President Joseph Kabila’s government... MORE >
Los rebeldes en Congo amenazan con hacerse con la capital
Un nuevo grupo rebelde - M23 - han sacudido Congo, al gobierno congoleño, los países vecinos y la comunidad internacional. Ahora amenaza con dirigirse hacia la capital del país, Kinshasa.... MORE >
No easy fix for Congo’s lingering woes
If recent events in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo seem familiar, it is because in many ways they are. History is repeating itself – as it tends to in places where deep-seated... MORE >
Congo rebels set conditions for Goma withdrawal
Rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo said on Tuesday they would withdraw from the eastern city of Goma only if President Joseph Kabila agreed to their demands, which the Congolese... MORE >