News from the RVI

Crisis of citizenship in Sudan
As fighting continues in Kordofan and Darfur, in Sudan, a report by the Kampala-based International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI), The disappearance of Sudan? Life in Khartoum for... MORE >
Juba Lectures
The 2013 RVI Juba Lecture series, held in collaboration with the Centre for Peace and Development Studies at the University of Juba, were held on 6-8 March 2013 at the university’s New Hall... MORE >
Douglas Johnson on South Sudan’s archives
On 18 February 2013, RVI Fellow Douglas Johnson gave a lecture on the role of archives in nation building, based on his 40-year experience of working with Southern government archives and... MORE >
Jérôme Tubiana on South Kordofan
On 14 February 2013, RVI Fellow Jérôme Tubiana wrote about the continuing conflict in South Kordofan and the Nuba Mountains in a report for the International Crisis Group. In Sudan’s... MORE >
Conflict and insecurity in South Sudan
Ethnic violence in South Sudan's rural communities is addressed in a report from the Juba-based Sudd Institute. In 'Mapping the Sources of Conflict and Insecurity in South Sudan:... MORE >
Compromising with Evil: An archival history of greater Sudan, 2007-2012 is the unequivocal title of Eric Reeves' account of the role of the Government of Sudan in Sudan's internal... MORE >
Sudan’s big grain producers are struggling to find sufficient labour to manage their fields, writes RVI Fellow Magdi El Gizouli. The problem is particularly bad in the central Gezira region... MORE >
In a blog for the London Review of Books, RVI Fellow Jérôme Tubiana describes a year of research in Sudan and South Sudan on arms flows in Sudan. ‘Tracing their origin,’ he writes, ‘might... MORE >
The Sudd Institute
The Sudd Institute, founded by RVI Fellow Jok Madut Jok, is a newly established research organisation that aims "to improve the quality, impact, and accountability of local, national,... MORE >
RVI Fellow Douglas Johnson discussed South Sudan’s history, historiography, and sense of identity in the context of the new nation's first anniversary. Speaking at the ninth... MORE >
A report from the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA), and the Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project (AfriMAP) investigates the vexed question of nationality in... MORE >
In an interview with Sudan Radio, RVI Fellow Alfred Sebit Lokuji of the University of Juba makes a suggestion for the resolution of the border disputes between Sudan and South Sudan:... MORE >