Past Events

Horn of Africa Course 2009
The second RVI Horn of Africa Course took place from 20 to 26 June 2009 in Lamu, Kenya. The Course was directed by Mark Bradbury and Ken Menkhaus. New teaching staff this year included... MORE >
Sudan Course 2009
The sixth RVI Sudan Course was held in Rumbek Senior Secondary School from 24 to 30 May 2009. The directors of the course were Eddie Thomas and Cherry Leonardi. New teaching staff this year... MORE >
Horn of Africa Course 2008
The first RVI Course Horn of Africa took place 11-17 October in Djibouti. The course is a high-level, intensive programme covering Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Somaliland and... MORE >
Sudan Course 2008
The fifth Sudan Course took place at Rumbek Senior Secondary School in June 2008 under the direction of Justin Willis and John Ryle. The course is taught by a team of noted Sudanese... MORE >
Sudan Course 2007
The fourth Sudan Field Course took place in May 2007 in Rumbek, South Sudan. The teaching staff included Douglas Johnson, author of The Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars, Suliman Baldo... MORE >
Sudan Course 2006
The third annual RVI Sudan course took place in Rumbek, South Sudan from 7th to 12th May 2006. As in previous years, the course provided an intensive introduction to north and south Sudan,... MORE >
Sudan Course 2005
The second Rift Valley Institute Sudan Course was held in July 2005 in Rumbek (then the administrative centre of the new government of South Sudan). The course took place at Rumbek Senior... MORE >
Sudan Course 2004
The first RVI Sudan Course was held in April 2004 in Kenya at a game ranch on the Athi Plains, outside Nairobi. Participants were housed in a field centre on the ranch and a tented safari... MORE >