Past Events

Sacred Causes
On 19 May 2015, the Rift Valley Institute Nairobi Forum, in collaboration with the Institut français de recherches en Afrique, hosted a discussion to launch the French edition of Philip... MORE >
South Sudan: Beyond the ceasefire
After fifteen months of civil war in South Sudan, regional and international mediators continue to broker talks for a permanent ceasefire and power-sharing arrangement acceptable to both... MORE >
Anthropology, Photography and the Field of Memory: Images from South Sudan
Patti Langton, a British anthropologist and documentary film-maker, lived in Sudan 1979-1980 with the Larim (or Boya) people, cattle pastoralists whose homeland lies near South Sudan’s... MORE >
New State: Clean slate? Change And Continuity In South Sudanese State Formation
RVI Fellow Dr Cherry Leonardi delivered this year's BIEA British Academy Annual Lecture on the creation of the Republic of South Sudan. She discussed how the internal conflicts in South... MORE >
Learning from the 2011 Famine in Somalia
In 2011, people in Somalia suffered a catastrophic famine. Since 2012, a group from the Feinstein Center at Tufts University and the Rift Valley Institute has been conducting retrospective... MORE >
Fourth Annual Juba University Lecture Series 2014
The fourth annual Juba University Rift Valley Institute lecture series took place on 22, 23 and 24 October, in the New Hall at Juba University.The 2014 series examined three historic peace... MORE >
Sudan Studies Society Annual Symposium
The annual general meeting of the Sudan Studies Society of the United Kingdom took place in London at the School of Oriental and African Studies on 13 September. The event was held in... MORE >
Slavery in the Sudans: Human rights and local moral worlds
John Ryle, Executive Director of the Rift Valley Institute, spoke on 'Slavery in the Sudans: Human Rights and Local Moral Worlds' at a conference on The Arts of Human Rights sponsored by... MORE >
A debate on federalism at Juba University
More than seven hundred people attended a lecture on federalism at Juba University on Saturday 5 July. The lecture was delivered by Rift Valley Institute Fellow Douglas H. Johnson and... MORE >
Sudan and South Sudan Course 2014
The Sudan and South Sudan Course, under the direction of Sharath Srinivasan, was held in Kenya, from 14 to 20 June. New rebellions and ongoing civil war in both the Sudans have put social... MORE >
South Sudan: Is Peace Possible?
On 10 January 2014, three weeks after the South Sudan crisis began—as peace talks stalled in Addis Ababa and the death toll continued to grow—representatives of South Sudanese civil society... MORE >
My Mother Will Not Come to Juba report launch
In South Sudan, delays in the formulation of a new national constitution have led to growing public concern. My Mother Will Not Come to Juba: South Sudanese Debate the Constitution is the... MORE >