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Training Program for Early Career Women Researchers in Somalia

Training Program for Early Career Women Researchers in Somalia

Terms of Reference


The Somali Dialogue Platform (‘The Platform’) is a policy dialogue and facilitation initiative, managed by the Rift Valley Institute (RVI), that responds to the need to support more collaborative, productive, and inclusive political processes that can transform Somalia’s political settlement. The Platform seeks to create dialogue spaces genuinely trusted and led by Somalis, where they can confidently address past conflicts and grievances and collaborate to resolve fundamental differences in their governance ideas. The Platform delivers these activities across a range of thematic areas including, National democratization, Security architecture, Fiscal federalism and resource-sharing, Distribution of judicial and executive authority. In addition, the Platform also works on cross-cutting issues such as encouraging women’s political participation and public engagement in political processes.

The Platform, in collaboration with its partners, aims to empower and support early career Somali women researchers by providing them with a tailored training program. The training program will focus on enhancing their research skills, policy expertise, and knowledge of Somalia's political and security dynamics. The Platform is seeking a qualified training consultant who can design and deliver the tailored program for a cohort of 10-12 early career female researchers in Mogadishu.


The training program's primary objective is to equip 10-12 early-career Somali women researchers with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct impactful research and policy analysis. The specific objectives include:

  • Develop a tailored training program to meet the needs of the Platform, its partners, and the selected participants.
  • Designing a 3-day hands-on training workshop to enhance policy research and analysis skills for early career researchers. 
  • Providing feedback on policy papers submitted by participants as part of their recruitment process and support Monitoring and Evaluation processes.

Scope of Work:

The training consultant shall:

  • Conduct a thorough needs assessment to understand the specific requirements of the Platform, partners, and participants.
  • Design a comprehensive training curriculum that includes a mix of in-person and online training sessions.
  • Develop an agenda for a 3-day workshop focusing on policy analysis on Somalia's political settlement issues and security dynamics
  • Provide hands-on training and guidance to the cohort of selected early-career women researchers.
  • Review and provide feedback on policy papers submitted by the participants as part of their recruitment process.
  • Work with the platform Monitoring and Evaluation Lead to assess the effectiveness of the training workshop.

Qualifications of the Training Consultant:

The ideal training consultant should possess the following qualifications:

  • Knowledge and qualifications: Minimum of a Master’s degree in a relevant field of study 
  • Technical Expertise on Somalia's Political and Security Dynamics: The training consultant must have an extensive understanding of Somalia's complex political landscape, including historical contexts, governance structures, and security challenges. They should be well-versed in the dynamics of local, regional, and national politics, as well as the social and economic factors influencing policymaking in Somalia.
  • Proven Experience in Policy Analysis and Research in Somalia: A strong track record in policy analysis and research specific to Somalia is essential. The consultant should have extensive experience conducting rigorous and evidence-based studies on various policy issues, addressing key challenges faced by the country. Demonstrated expertise in formulating policy recommendations based on research findings is vital.
  • Experience in Developing and Conducting Training Programs: The ideal consultant must have prior experience in designing, developing, and conducting training programs for diverse groups. They should be able to structure a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with the needs and requirements of early career researchers in Somalia. Experience in utilizing various training methodologies, interactive workshops, and hands-on exercises is highly beneficial.
  • Sensitivity to Gender-Related Issues and Working with Women Researchers: Given the focus of the training program on early-career women researchers, the consultant should possess a strong understanding of gender-related issues and be sensitive to the challenges faced by women in research. Experience in fostering an inclusive and empowering environment for women researchers from diverse cultural backgrounds is a must.
  • Strong Communication and Facilitation Skills: Effective communication and facilitation skills are essential for delivering engaging training sessions. The consultant should be able to convey complex policy concepts in a clear and accessible manner, encouraging active participation and meaningful discussions among participants.

Timeline and Deliverables:

  • Needs assessment report and tailored training curriculum - within 4 weeks from contract signing.
  • Implementation of the training program - 2 months from approval of the curriculum.
  • Feedback on policy papers submitted by participants - 2 weeks after the conclusion of the implementation of the training.
  • Final evaluation report - 4 weeks after the completion of the training program.


The Platform will provide a budget for the successful implementation of the training program, including the training consultant's fees, travel expenses (if applicable), and other related costs.

Proposal Submission:

Interested training consultants should submit their proposals, including a detailed plan on how they intend to meet the objectives outlined in this TOR, along with their CVs indicating qualifications and relevant experience to  by 23 August 2023.