Warbixintan kooban waxay bixinaysaa muuqaalka guud ee nooca doorashada lagu heshiiyey, oo ay ku jiraan arrimo siyaasadeed oo la isku haysto, iyo khataraha halista ku ah daah-furnaanta iyo wadajirka geeddisocodka, iyo waliba talooyin ku aaddan sida wax looga qaban karo labadaba. Waxaa loogu talagalay in lagu taageero Soomaalida inay isugu yimaadaan wadahadal ku saabsan geeddi-socodka doorashada…


In February 2020 Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, appointed Hussein Abdel Bagi—head of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA)—as one of his five vice-presidents. Like his father, Hussein Abdel Bagi has forged strong relationships with Sudan’s security elites and powerful borderland communities, which has made him an increasingly important player in South Sudan’s relations with Khartoum.


This briefing provides an overview of the current election model, including contentious political issues, and risks to the integrity and inclusivity of the process, as well as options for addressing both. It is intended to support Somalis come together in dialogue around the process, with the aim of increasing its inclusivity and credibility.


Hussein Abdel Bagi’s appointment as the third Vice-President of South Sudan is an important building block for the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU), particularly its relations with Khartoum. Hussein’s long experience of Sudanese politics, and friendships with members of the Sudan Military Council, will likely be very useful to President Kiir.


To understand how grain is traded in South Sudan, and who by, Jovensia Uchalla examines the life stories of South Sudanese and foreign grain traders, transporters and millers in Juba. These stories talk of opportunities, shocks and changing tastes.


This briefing presents time-critical findings and suggestions for action. A full report will be published at the conclusion of the project that will present geographically specific evidence including detailed community methods of infectious disease management.


Si loo dhiirrigeliyo wadahadal wax-ku-ool ah oo ku saabsan sameynta dowladda xigta xilligan adag, Madasha Wadahadallada Soomaaliyeed (Somali Dialogue Platform) ayaa soo saartay qormadan kooban, oo soo bandhigeyso toddobo su’aalood oo muhiim ah lana xiriira sameynta iyo ka shaqeynta dowlad ku saleysan is-afgarad. Su’aalahani waxay tusaalooyin kasoo qaadanayaan xaalado kale, halkaasoo geeddi-…


To promote constructive dialogue around the formation of the next government at this challenging time, the Somali Dialogue Platform has produced this policy brief, which lays out seven key questions relevant to the establishment and functioning of a consensus-based government. These questions draw on examples from other contexts, where a new process of government formation has been used to…


The third update from RVI's Somali Dialogue Platform project examines political dynamics around elections in Somalia and considerations for advancing dialogue to reach consensus.


The research studies presented in this collection focus on people’s tastes for grains like sorghum, millet and maize and tubers like cassava—all of which form a major component of an everyday diet in South Sudan. The briefing draws on intimate conversations conducted in early 2019 by CUofSS researchers with Juba-based members of their wider family networks, and the female members of their…