This briefing provides an overview of the current election model, including contentious political issues, and risks to the integrity and inclusivity of the process, as well as options for addressing both. It is intended to support Somalis come together in dialogue around the process, with the aim of increasing its inclusivity and credibility.


The articles in this volume of the Somaliland Peace and Development Journal discuss fundamental issues that have an impact directly on global citizens. While the articles carry diverse issues that affect both citizens and states, addressing the challenges presented in the body of the articles are also important.


This report examines the history of epidemic disease in this region in order to shed light on the current COVID-19 pandemic and its likely course. Rather than attempt to be comprehensive, this study focuses on three diseases that have caused at least one serious regional epidemic over the past two hundred years: Cholera, smallpox and syphilis.


Somaliland reported its first case of Covid-19 in March, yet financial support from the international community and the diaspora has been largely absent. When diaspora assistance has been mobilized, it has been through less traditional mechanisms: younger, educated activists using online platforms.


Si loo dhiirrigeliyo wadahadal wax-ku-ool ah oo ku saabsan sameynta dowladda xigta xilligan adag, Madasha Wadahadallada Soomaaliyeed (Somali Dialogue Platform) ayaa soo saartay qormadan kooban, oo soo bandhigeyso toddobo su’aalood oo muhiim ah lana xiriira sameynta iyo ka shaqeynta dowlad ku saleysan is-afgarad. Su’aalahani waxay tusaalooyin kasoo qaadanayaan xaalado kale, halkaasoo geeddi-…

Iyadoo qeyb ka ah mashruuca Machadka Dooxada Rift ee ku saabsan xiriirrada xuduudaha ee u dhexeeya Soomaaliya iyo Yemen cilmibaarayaasha la shaqeeya machadka oo katirsan Jaamada Puntland State oo ku taalla magaalada Garowe, ayaa la hadlay Yemeniyiin ku nool magaalooyinka Bosaaso iyo Garowe ee Puntland si ay uga sheekeeyaan noloshooda.


To promote constructive dialogue around the formation of the next government at this challenging time, the Somali Dialogue Platform has produced this policy brief, which lays out seven key questions relevant to the establishment and functioning of a consensus-based government. These questions draw on examples from other contexts, where a new process of government formation has been used to…

As part of RVI’s ongoing project on the cross-border connections between Yemen and Somalia, the Institute’s partners at Puntland State University in Garowe spoke to Yemenis living in Bosaso and Garowe in Puntland, to discuss their lives there.


This report is the second report in a series looking at the relationship between modern-day Puntland, a semi-autonomous region of north-east Somalia, Yemen and the wider Gulf region. It focuses on the port city of Bosaso, which, historically, built its economic fortunes on easy access to the sea lanes of the Gulf of Aden and markets of the Arabian Peninsula. 

Aid providers in the Horn of Africa have always struggled to adapt their systems and models to the simple fact that people move from place to place. Delivering aid in remote areas normally involves establishing long supply chains that rely on populations being in places where they can be relatively easily 'accessed’. The refugee and IDP camps of the region, many of which were constructed as…