جاء تصميم العملية الانتقالية في السودان لتؤدي إلى - وتتقدم من خلال - انتخابات قومية تثبت نجاح ومصداقية الانتقال السياسي. لكن هذا الأمر ينطوي على مخاطر كبيرة.  يُحدّد هذا التقرير سلسلة من المجالات الرئيسية التي يجب اتخاذ قرارات بخصوصها عند تصميم العملية الانتخابية، وكيفية دعم تلك القرارات. كما يُحدّد الخيارات المختلفة، ويناقش الآثار المترتبة على البدائل الممكنة


Voting for Change: Elections and Political Transformation in Sudan report identifies a series of key areas in which decisions need to be taken around the design of the electoral process, and support for this. It lays out different options and discusses the implications of the possible alternatives. This report does not offer direct recommendations. There is no one model of a perfect election,…


Sudan’s current legal framework for elections was devised during the CPA period (2005 – 2011), and subsequently amended. Alongside the specific electoral laws there are a number of other relevant laws and a significant body of rules that regulate the holding of elections. This briefing argues that this body of law and rules needs to be considered as a whole in order to ensure a credible…


When thinking about elections in Sudan, an important area to focus on is campaigns, which have historically enabled incumbent parties to dominate the political space and stifle serious challenges. This briefing focuses on how election campaigns have been conducted in Sudan, with particular reference to the elections in 2010 and 2015.