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Violent Extremism and Community Resilience

The emergence of the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) agenda reflects a recognition in policy circles that conventional security-based measures to counter terrorism have failed and, in some cases, has fueled greater marginalization and violence. With an emphasis on prevention, the CVE approach seeks to tackle the root causes of extremist violence by engaging with communities, with vulnerable groups and with households.

An increasing number of government and non-governmental organisations in East Africa are now working on CVE programmes, utilizing a variety of approaches to counter extremist narratives, through culture, religion, family support, and economic incentives, the aim being to build community resilience and collective security.

On 31 May, the Rift Valley Forum in conjunction with the Australian High Commission will host a forum on violent extremism and community resilience. The key-note speaker Professor Michele Grossman from Victoria University will reflect on the lessons learnt from Australia’s approach to CVE. 



Prof Michele Grossman 
Victoria University, Melbourne

Rashid Abdi
International Crisis Group

Lul Issack
UMMA Community Based Organisation

Mohamed Shale Billow
Life and Peace Institute

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