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Rift Valley Institute

Making local knowledge work

Challenges of inclusivity and equality in Somalia

On Monday 10 March, the Office of the European Union Commission for Somalia, IIDA Women’s Development Organization and the Nairobi Forum of the Rift Valley Institute convened a panel discussion on the EC Somalia Country Gender Profile and the Somalia Compact. The event brought together 35 women civic leaders and civil society organisations from across the Somali regions.

The Gender Profile aims to ensure that gender is mainstreamed in international assistance programmes. It provides a gendered analysis of Somali society and the impact of war on gender roles. A presentation was followed by a panel discussion.


Francesca Pavarini, Respresentative, European External Action Service (Chair)

Mohamoud Ahmed Bare (Garaad), Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, Somaliland

Qamar Deeq Khalif, Minister of State for Women Affairs, Jubbaland

Mahat Cawad, Deputy Speaker SFP

Abdirahman Raghe, Interpeace

Hibo Yassin, IIDA Women Development Organisation

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