South Sudan Customary Authorities

The third phase of RVI’s South Sudan Customary Authorities Project, funded by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), is... More >
South Sudanese chiefs and elders discuss their roles in peace and conflict
In April 2016, seventeen chiefs from different parts of South Sudan gathered in Kuron Holy Trinity Peace Village, in Eastern Equatoria, to... More >
Last month in Yirol I bought a heifer—a brindled two-year old, not yet in calf. In the Dinka cattle-naming system a cow like this is called... More >
Letter from Aweil
Aweil is lush and green with rains at the moment. Fields that I had last seen hard and crisp with dried seedlings, back in June 2015, are... More >
Letter from Gogrial
Chief Morris Ngor of the Buoyar Chiefdom (Western Dinka in South Sudan) is the oldest chief in the Apuk Dinka. He ascended to his position... More >
Letter from Pibor
The Chiefs’ High Court in Pibor town is located along the Pibor River, which—due to unusually high rains at levels not seen since 2012—had... More >
Letter from Bentiu
Over the last hundred years, the most powerful authorities—along with formal government—amongst the western Nuer communities have been... More >