LAPSSET: The Lamu Port - South Sudan - Ethiopia Transport corridor project

The Mipakani Project is an open-access monitoring website focusing on the LAPSSET development project, developed by RVI with support from the Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF). It is a core digital resource with an accessible collection of key documents, maps and multimedia material designed for use by the communities of northern Kenya and those working for their benefit.
Vision 2030
The section of the Vision 2030 website devoted to LAPSSET. It places the project as one of the key components of Vision 2030.
As the name suggests, a blog devoted to LAPSSET. It is rather intermittent, and takes the form of brief reactive commetns to news stories.
LAPPSET Tracking
Not unlike LAPSSET tracker, but has the advantage of multiple authorship, and is therefore less intermittent and catches more of the news stories. The comments are brief, and tend to take the form of questions rather than analysis – perhaps unsurprisingly, as there is so little information to analyse.
Save Lamu
The website of a body created specifically in response to the LAPSSET project. As the name suggests, the website focusses on concerns around the effect of the port development on the world heritage site at Lamu, and on the enviroment and land rights in the wider Lamu area.
LAPSETT Corridor Development Authority advertising supplement
A July 2013 advertising feature, setting out the Kenya government’s ambitions for the project.
FIATA Presentation
A PowerPoint on the website of the international freight association. It locates LAPSSET as part of a much larger regional transport development, and shows the the wider commercial interest in the scheme . it also incidentally reveals the unfortunate consequences of stretching photographs in one dimension to fill in space on a powerpoint slide.
IWGIA Report
A report focussing on the effect of LAPSSET on indigenous peoples. There is relatively little new information in this, and it actually says quite little about how the project might affect the people who live along its route. It does, however,  offer a useful and concise discussion of land issues around Isiolo and how these have been exacerbated by plans for LAPSSET.
LAPSSET Transport Corridor: Transit and Oil Infrastructure in East Africa
A September 2013 report based on a desk-study. It is a very good summary, linked to multiple documents and is evidence of quite how much research can be done with a good internet connection and determination. Broadly positive on the potential for regional economic benefits associated with LAPSSET, it also notes concerns over, and opposition to, the project.