Research Reports

Stabilization, Extraversion and Political Settlements in Somalia
Why is Somalia still far from achieving a lasting political settlement, after decades of international military, diplomatic and aid interventions to stabilize the war- torn country? This... MORE >
A Microcosm of Militarization
This Usalama Report by Judith Verweijen analyses militarization in Uvira and how it shapes the interplay between local conflicts, governance and armed mobilization. Focussing on the... MORE >
The Lamu Port–South Sudan–Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor is a megaproject which, is in its most ambitious form, would link a major new port development on Kenya’s... MORE >
Between Somaliland and Puntland
Between Somaliland and Puntland analyses the political evolution of the Republic of Somaliland (created in 1991), and the federalist Puntland State of Somalia (established in 1998). Based... MORE >
Another Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia?
In July 2014, humanitarian agencies and the government of Somalia warned of a new severe drought in Somalia, only three years after more than 250,000 people died in a deadly famine. In a... MORE >
Talking Peace in the Ogaden
Talking Peace in the Ogaden outlines the modern history of ethnic Somalis in relation to the Ethiopian state from the late 19th century to the present day, and assesses prospects for a... MORE >
The national army and armed  groups in the eastern Congo
The final report of the Usalama Project presents the conclusions of 18-month field research on the national army and armed groups in the eastern DRC in three parts: an analysis of armed... MORE >
Armée nationale et groupes armés dans l’est du Congo
Le rapport final du Projet Usalama présente les conclusions de ses travaux de recherche des 18 derniers mois en trois parties: une analyse de la mobilisation armée, axée sur la région du... MORE >
Ce rapport Usalama par Koen Vlassenroot décrit la dynamique historique à l’origine des mouvements armés au Sud-Kivu, en mettant plus précisément l’accent sur la période située... MORE >
South Kivu
This Usalama report by Koen Vlassenroot outlines the historical dynamics behind the armed movements in South Kivu, focusing on the period before and leading up to the First Congo War. The... MORE >
Mai-Mai Yakutumba
This Usalama Project report examines the Mai-Mai of William Amuri Yakutumba, a group which initially demobilized after the Second Congo War (1998–2003). However, after struggling to... MORE >
Maï-Maï Yakutumba
Ce rapport du Projet Usalama examine les Maï-Maï de William Amuri Yakutumba, un groupe qui, initialement, ont été démobilisé après la Deuxième Guerre du Congo (1998-2003). Cependant, après... MORE >