Sudan and South Sudan Course 2018
Sudan and South Sudan Course 2018

Reversals and reinventions have marked Sudan and South Sudan over the past year. South Sudan has experienced multiple crises from continuing conflict, generating the largest regional refugee flight in decades, and a declaration of famine. By contrast, Sudan is enjoying an unexpected revival of its fortunes, as a credible partner in the war on terror and in deterring irregular migration even while conflicts continue in its peripheries and its political space continues to close.

This year’s Sudans course, held from 20-25 May, will unpack the complicated and cross-cutting dynamics driving these dramatic shifts in fortunes to inform policy response and interventions. The Co-Directors of Studies for the course will be Magdi el-Gizouli and Nicki Kindersley and they will be joined by a team of leading experts. 




Highlights of the syllabus

DAY 1 Introduction to Sudan and South Sudan: Modern history and social worlds

  • Who do we think we are? Ethnicity and race in the Sudans
  • People on the move: Migration for labour and refuge

DAY 2 State formation and resistance

  • The Islamist Movement and the state
  • The military and the state in South Sudan

DAY 3 The extractive state and local livelihoods

  • The borderland economies of the Sudans
  • Land rights, uses and expropriation
  • Women's lives and livelihoods

DAY 4 Contemporary conflicts and political change

  • Genealogies of insurgency and the state of armies
  • Disputed areas: Blue Nile, Abyei and South Kordofan
  • The neighbours: Regional geopolitics, arms flows and peace interventions

DAY 5 Interventions, agreements and future prospects

  • A history of interventions
  • What is justice in Sudan and South Sudan?
  • DDR, SSR: A history of failure?


Core teaching staff

Magdi el-Gizouli PhD MD Co-Director of Studies
Writer, StillSUDAN

Nicki Kindersley PhD Co-Director of Studies
Research Fellow, Pemroke College Cambridge

Douglas Johnson PhD
Historian, author of The Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars

Aly Verjee
Visiting Expert, USIP

Kuyang Harriet Logo
University of Juba

Ahmed Adam
Research Associate, SOAS

Eddie Thomas PhD
RVI Fellow, Author of South Sudan: A Slow Liberation

Fahima Hashim
African Feminist Forum

Arif Sawi
Independent Journalist

Freddie Carver
Research Associate, ODI

Lual A. Deng PhD
Managing Director, Ebony Center for Strategic Studies